The Scalpone Family in Italy and In America

If your name is Scalpone, or if you have someone in your lineage with that name, you’ll want to know about your more than 400 Scalpone relatives – a few in Rome and the rest in the United States.

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Family History The Scalpone Story. Read about Contursi, the little town where it all started, and enjoy a brief narrative of how the family grew into three branches
Family Tree Scroll through the entire family tree, all eight generations of which we have record, to get an over-all picture of how the family spread, trace back your own line, etc.
Family Tree Poster See a graphical layout of the Family Tree
Names and Individual Pages Each family member has his or her own page! YOU TOO! Details (including over 250 pictures of 209 of the family, and e-mail addresses when available) on each of the 423 members at his or her personal page
Murder in the Family! Read about the 1910 murder of Salvatore and Felicine Scalpone in dramatic articles from the NY Times & Washington Post
First Family Reunion Photos from the First Scalpone Family Reunion
How Do You Say Scalpone? A light treatment of the many pronunciations of the name
What Kind of Cousin Are You? Learn your exact relationship to anyone on the Tree
The Old Italians Dying A moving poem by San Francisco “beat” poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Mingalone Family Tree A sidebar interest of the author and members of the Mingalone family
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