About This Website

History teaches that a man can’t be too careful about
barking up his family tree. He is likely to uncover game
up there that is more gamey than he wants. –
Mark Twain

Frank Scalpone is the originator of this website. He  is the son of Joseph and the grandson  of Alfonso, NY line.  Frank lives at 1671 Gamay Circle, Oakley, CA 94561. His email address is fscalpone1@gmail.com.

Carol Scalpone, Frank’s daughter-in-law, is co-compiler of this site.  Her e-mail address is cscalpone@aol.com; she lives at 2543 NW Raleigh, Portland, OR 97210; phone 503-222-1339.

You can send photos, dates, corrections, and especially new data to either of us. We love to hear from you, and only with your cooperation can we make the site more and more interesting and useful. Remember, this is for posterity!

We want to thank Jerry E. Scalpone and Steve Scalpone for invaluable assistance in getting started with this project. Of course, we take full responsibility for any errors or other faults you may encounter.