Joseph Scalpone

Born: October 8, 1888, New York City
Married Elinor Mingalone in (Est.) 1912
Married Mary Teddeo in 1926
Died: 1974

Joe had a successful career in NYC’s garment industry, but his wife Elinor died at an early age,
leaving him with three young children. He had moved to West New York, New Jersey from Manhattan to enter the laundry business with his brother-in-law Dave Forziati. He married Mary Teddeo in 1926, and they had two children. When the washing machine put an end to the laundry business, Joe began a third career, in real estate. Never without a cigar clamped between his teeth, Joe dabbled in local politics in his last decade or so, meanwhile chauffeuring his real-estate clients around in his beat-up Cadillac, to the trunk of which local kids had pasted a “Danger” sign in recognition of Joe’s failing eyesight and hearing, and his consequent habit of using the big car as a sort of battering ram. He was still renting apartments on the day he died of a heart attack at age 86.

Joe and Mary
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Joe’s family gathered (about 1958): Joe’s son Bob, his wife Nancy, Joe’s wife Mary, Janet’s mother Anne Wides, Edna’s Robert, Edna, Francis’s wife Janet, Francis, and Edna’s husband Bob Brendel, with Joe sporting a bow tie and in complete command.