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What has changed since your last visit to the Scalpone Family Tree website

Good Friday, 2016 Sal Scalpone died at the age of 102. The only other person on the family tree who lived to be 102 was Rose Scalpone Yandoli.

July 2014 We are sad to report the death of Connie De Vita Saffarano at age 96. Connie, one of Nick Scalpone’s many grandchildren, had two children with her husband Michael Saffarano. More details on her page.

December 2013 100th Birthday! A photo of Sal Scalpone, taken at his 100th birthday party December 7, has been posted on Sal’s page.

July 2013

Antonio Scalpone, head of the only Scalpone family in Italy, has died at the age of 86. See his page for some background.

June 2013

Tragically, Ezra Wollner, great grandson of Filomena Scalpone, died suddenly on June 25, 2013, at the age of 38.

May 2013

We are sad to record recent deaths of family members:

Helen Sica died at the marvelous age of 98, on the last day of 2011.

Joel Narducci, born in 1938, died November 6, 2012.

Muriel De Socio died in the early months of 2013. She was born in 1917, another long-lived family member.

Michael Safferano, born in 1948, died in February 2013.

March 2012

We are sorry to report the death of Richard Scalpone, and extend our sympathy to his wife Jo-Ann, and his children Gina and Vincent.

February 2011
We record with sorrow the death of Nicole Scalpone, daughter of Nickey and mother of Nathaniel, at the age of 32, after almost a lifetime of illness.

Thanks to facebook, of all places, for the dozens of pictures added to this website in the past few months; too many, in fact, to list here. Do some browsing! Strange, some of us who are reluctant to provide a photo for the family tree are ready and willing to post candid pictures of themselves for all the world to see on facebook!

October 2010
Photos added to many family members’ pages: Camille Agri, Nicole Ascione, Patrick Ascione, Diane Castellano, Alexis Cirasuolo, Kristina Engdahl, Julie Ewart, Niko Gattoni, Dalene Kreger, Luke Nacca, Nicole Nacca, Thomas Nacca, Amanda Nagel, Bryan Rusciano, Corey Wichin and Ryan Wichlin

September 2010
Photos added to many family members’ pages: Camille Agri, Kristen Ascione, Neil Ascione, Nicole Ascione, Mark Bowes, Stephanie Blackwood, David DeSocio, Elizabeth Federico, Dennis Gattoni, Niko Gattoni, Cynthia Lancelot, Amanda Nagel, Loren Parisen, Patricia Scaglione, Gina Scalpone, Diletta Scalpone

July 2010
We’ve added a lovely photo to Celia Harris Scalpone Cole’s page.

May 2010
Joel Wollner’s page has a new photo. And we have updated photos of Dennis Gattoni and Suzanne Pohalovic Gattoni.

April 2010
We have a new photo of Gabriela Snyder celebrating her first communion, with her grandparents,
Russell Scalpone and Gabriela Langhans, parents Thomas Snyder and Lisa Scalpone and brother, Joseph Snyder

Welcome to the family, Grady Thomas Erlandson! Congratulations Grady Thomas Erlandson

And take a look at  Jeffrey Den Bleyker’s page for a great new photo of the whole Den Bleyker family.

March 2010:
More Scalpone family babies (OK, Den Bleyker and Fenske babies, but the Scalpones claim them):

Congratulations to Nickolas Fenske and his wife, Shaunah Parrish, on the birth of their daughter, Lillian Fenske.
See Lillian’s page to read about her exciting, not-quite-in-the-hospital birth.

And to Jeffrey Den Bleyker and his wife, Jennifer Ewart, on the birth of their son, Ashton James Den Bleyker.

Plus new photos of Kate Wollner

January 2010:
Congratulations to Jacob Wollner and his partner, Kori Guidici, on the birth of their beautiful son, Moses Giudici Wollner.
We have photos!

And belated congratulations to Dennis Gattoni and his wife, Suzanne Pohalovic, on the 2007 birth of their son, Niko Gattoni.

December 2009:
Congratulations to Alan Scalpone and his lovely new wife, Justyna Garbaczewska on their recent wedding.
Welcome to the Scalpone family, Justyna — and thank you for the interesting bio for your page on the Family Tree.

November 2009:
Welcome to the family, Connor Angley. Connor was born in 2008 to Edward Angley and his wife, Erika Tellier

We have beautiful new photos of the Pellecchia family: Kimberly Jesuele and Gregg Pellecchia, and their children, Michael and Lia (new photos are on Kim and Michael’s pages)

October 2009:
New photos on the pages of Antonio Scalpone, Adele Pignata, Guglielmo Scalpone, Raffaele Scalpone and Patrizia De Pasqua. These photos were taken during Frank Scalpone’s recent trip to Italy, where he was hosted to a lovely Scalpone Family dinner at the home of Raffaelle and Patrizia, along with Don Jesuele and his wife Pam Martarano.

August 2009:

New photos of Raffaele Scalpone, his wife Patrizia De Pasqua, and their daughter, Diletta Scalpone. Visiting from Italy, the Roman Scalpones were hosted by Frank Scalpone and Joel Wollner for a typical American bbq — and we have the photos.

Several new photos of Nancy Terranova were added to her page, including one of Nancy and Bobby Scalpone on their wedding day. And check out Bobby’s page for a new and entertaining description of the many jobs he had throughout his life.

Carmen Gragnano’s page has a new photo of him and his wife, Ellen Scalpone Gragnano.

We now have a photo of Mary Pellegrini. Included in the photo on Mary’s page are Joseph Scalpone and his wife, Mary Teddeo.

July 2009:

Welcome to the family, Lia Pellecchia, daughter to Kimberly Jesuele and Gregg Pellecchia! A new photo has been added to Lia’s page, and to that of her brother, Michael Pellecchia.

A new family photo has been added to the page of Alex Forziati and her mom, Wendy Brown. Photo also includes Jake Wollner, Kate Wollner, Ezra Wollner and Mikoto Wollner

New photos added to the pages of Ezra Wollner, his wife Sakuwa Hayashida and their son Mikoto Wollner

New photos added to the pages of Nicolas Fenske, his wife Shaunah Parrish and their son Aidan Fenske

New photos of some of the Jesuele family:  Donald Jesuele, at his 50th high school reunion; Nancy Jesuele Hazelgrove with Pam Martarano Jesuele and Nancy’s cats and dogs; and on Connie Young Jesuele’s page, a photo of her and her husband, Joseph Jesuele happily dancing on their 50th wedding anniversary.

June 2009:
Great new photos added to the pages of Michelle Scalpone and her sister Julie Scalpone

April 2009:
A fascinating Washington Post article, dated January 23, 1910, has been added to The Murder of Salvatore and Felicine Scalpone.    Thank you to internet sleuth Frank Scalpone for finding this in Google Archives.

January 2009:
We note with regret the loss of one of the old-timers, Mario (Sonny) Agri, who died Dec 23, 2008, at the age of 89.

October 2008:
We extend our sympathy to the family of Leonard Jesuele II, who died October 15 at age 66.

September 2008:
We have a new family member! Chloe Den Bleyker was welcomed into the family in April 2008.

Sometime in 2008:
Congratulations to Noelle Scalpone and Austin Boosinger for their 2008 wedding. We welcome Austin to the family (and the website, with a couple of lovely photos from their wedding) and wish them both well.

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