The First Scalpone Family Reunion

Indeed, it took five generations, but it finally happened:  a mix of “Chicago” Scalpones and “New York” Scalpones, joined throughtheir great-grandfather but separated for over a century as they made their individual ways in the United States, got together to celebrate in St. Pete Beach, Florida, January 28-29, 2005.

Despite cuts in attendance caused by illness, a couple of operations, even the birth of the clan’s newest member, Olivia Erlandson, a total of 29 adults and seven children came from as far as Oregon and Arizona to get to know their cousins and celebrate the family.

Let’s see what it looked like:

The Sandpiper resort, St. Pete Beach, Florida. Everyone loved the spacious rooms,
friendly service, and location right on the Gulf. Swans were a bonus.

Everyone looked happy after a great dinner. Connie Jesuele, lower left, was the oldest attendee–88 and delightful!

The Sandpiper patio, scene of the Friday cookout.

Diane & Roy Brendel and Frank Scalpone,standing; Carmen & Ellen Gragnano, seated.

The two Gina Scalpones

Carol Scalpone constructed a 14-foot-wide drawing of the entire family tree, complete with dates and with many old photographs.Mark, Dick, & Jerry Scalpone, and Nancy Jesuele Hazelgrove, check it out.

Having a fine time: Janet Scalpone with her children Mira and Steve,and her granddaughters Cara and Gina.

First cousins Ellen Gragnano and Sue Purdy.

Sachiko and Mark Scalpone relaxing.

Fran and Jerry Scalpone, really relaxing.

The sun set over the first Scalpone reunion