How Do You Say “Scalpone”?

There are at least four ways.

In Italy, of course, it’s Scal-POH-neh.

In the U. S., there are those few who make a stab at the Italian pronunciation, and usually come up with Scal-POH-nee.

But most Americans say either Scal-PONE or SCAL-pone. In other words, just two syllables. And the interesting thing about this is where the AC-cent falls. My observations tell me:

If the name stands alone (example:  “My name is SCAL-pone”) the accent usually falls on the first syllable.

If the name is paired with a first name of one syllable (”My name is FRANK Scal-PONE”), the accent tends to fall to the back, because English does not like two accented syllables coming on top of each other.

But if the first name has two or more syllables (”My name is JO-seph SCAL-pone,”  the accent usually comes forward. It’s more natural. Try it and see for yourself.